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One might ask why Fairys??? Why not Angels??? Well, it seems that a lot of people find angels to be their cup of tea so to speak. However, I feel more lighthearted and maybe a bit mischievous at times. Therefore, I gravitate towards the fairys. I like earth elementals and things like dragons and stone guardians. When I do fairy readings, I connect with your energy utilizing Doreen Virtue’s deck of Fairy Cards. Can I tell you your Uncle’s name is Bob?? Nope sorry, I am an Energy Reader. I connect with your energy and pull the cards, distance is of no matter. Think of it as if I was the woman on the wharf throwing out the fishing pole. You are the fish. When you grab the worm you touch the fishing line. Your energy travels up the fishing line to me, we connect. I do a four card reading with a wish card. The first card is the past, the second card is the present, the third card is 3 months down the road and the fourth card is 6 months down the road. So what is a wish card you ask?? Well my psychic friend always had me choose a wish card and I believe it is a good and fun thing to do. So I added it to my readings. Now I do not care what any psychic tells you, what I tell you or anyone else, in the end there is free will. Free will means you can change things if you wish and you must always remember that. It is your life and no one else’s and while people give you advice it is but guidance. Therefore, you take the advice and guidance and do with it what you will to improve your path in life.